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DO NOT leave me behind!

Amanda, that is one heavy guilt trip Tonka is laying down on you!

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  1. She is cute… we are moving to the UK in about a week and that was when we were doing some pre-packing… can’t wait to see what happens this week!

  2. Why pay for a blanket on those overpriced flights? With the new Carryon Cutie, you can be kept comfortably warm with your own personal Sheltie and guaranteed to have ALL your elbow room in those tight pesky coach seats!! LOL

  3. As someone who travels for work that breaks my heart … my angels haven’t gotten in the suitcase yet, but they do watch me intently while I pack … leaving them home with Daddy is apparently not enough, they need both of us at home :(

  4. So, funny…my Sheltie did the SAME thing when we went on our honeymoon.

  5. its scarry how they know exactly what a suitecase means!

  6. Oh my goodness is that ever cute or what!


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