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Pinball possession!

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  1. She’s SO adorable! Not to mention her determination and energy-
    like the energizer bunny. Go girl! This is definately a video for
    chasing away the blues!

  2. I’ve always loved this video. Can you imagine Sca with a pinball machine? The sheep would go crazy. LOL

  3. This behavior is exactly the same as that of wolves when they’re killing mice. Really cute! Such a pretty little sheltie, too. :-)

  4. “That short, fluffed and furry kid… shorrrrrrr plays a mean pinballllllllll!!!”

    I absolutely love this clip… reminds me so much of my Kacie Bear who is with my ex-husband. She is that passionate over playing ball of ANY kind!!!

  5. Aww! “Where’s my ball?”
    Always nice to know it’s not just Dengar that does weird stuff :)

  6. Don;t break the glass! Amazing little sheltie!

  7. I had such a horrible morning, but you put a smile on my face and tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks… so cute!

  8. I love 3:17+. So very cute. She’s waiting for you to give her the ball!

  9. @Kim, this is exactly what I was going to say! :)

  10. How many spins and pounces does it take for a Sheltie to defeat a pinball machine? This is so cute.

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