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Sheltie water police

Suki is on guard for some noisy Jet skis on Lake Mead, Nevada.So nosy aren’t they, Louise?

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  1. Gorgeous dog! You go Suki! Make all of the noisy boats go back to
    the dock! Really CUTE picture!

  2. So sweet!

  3. Suki is adorable. I live in Las Vegas and I have 2 Sheltie’s. I never see any Sheltie’s by my house. It is good to see another Sheltie in Nevada. Maybe I’ll bring my boys to Lake Mead someday. Looks like fun.

    • You should definately take them, we rented a pontoon boat, wasnt sure what she would think of it, they have gates around the edge to the dogs can’t just jump off and she had such a great day, decided it was HER property after about an hour and literally everyone that came near us was suddenly an intruder!
      shame its too hot in ther summer but looks like its finally getting cooler thank goodness…

      • so, she didn’t get motion sick or anything? I wouldn’t mind renting a pontoon boat. Sounds like fun. I bet my boys would just fall in love with your Suki. ; ) wink

  4. what a lovely pup!! I like the comment on the picture haha

  5. Good job Patrolling Suki.

  6. Shelties should come with little security guard T-shirts. They’re always guarding something!

  7. Precious Suki, you watch out for them now…..

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