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Smiling Sunny

The title says it all!ROFL Amanda!

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  1. Love the Sheltie smile!

  2. OMG!! Too cute! She is saying” I’m ADORABLE” and it’s the truth!

  3. HEEEEEE! That’s how ours looks when he’s upside down.

  4. Say “Cheeeeeeeeeeese!” Too funny!

  5. Such an adorable smile!!!! I love when my baby boy does the same thing! It’s precious!!! And how in the world do they keep him from eating the tags around his neck!! Lol!!

  6. That’s the greatest pic ! That will bring you many fond memories of this adorable,silly pup.

  7. That is my girl! I love her so much. She was waiting on a toy. She is growing up so much too. :)

  8. Ha Ha Ha! A little comedian! shelties are so funny.

  9. What a beautiful smile Sunny…..

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