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Caped Crusaders

Coty and Taylor are patiently waiting for their cookie. :)) Shelia & Todd

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  1. This is the cutest I’ve seen. How clever. They look so real and what sweet faces they have. Love it!

  2. These little sweeties must have been awfully patient to get these outfits on and pose for the picture! Shelties are awfully sweet to put up with our silly ways.

  3. That’s gonna cost you a LOTTA cookies!!

  4. OMG way to cute! I have a tri-colour Sheltie named Chaz, who will soon be 11 years old and a blue merle Rough Collie named Patch who is 8 years old. We have dressed our pets in costumes in the past and they loved it.

    I think your two Shelties are just simply adorable. xxxx

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