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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: I’ll be your shadow!

Cosmo & Alexis: they are pretty much a pair.

Just tooooo sweet Robin!

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  1. Wow — what a beautiful family. Most days, I log onto SheltieNation to fall in love with a sheltie. But this little girl might be one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  2. Wow what a pair of beauties – Looks like luv at first sight for both.

  3. The sheltie looks exactly like my tri girl did when she was a puppy. And she is still beautiful at 8 years of age. These two are a cute pair with lots of fun and good times to look forward to.

  4. Is that just the teensiest hint of a pink tongue coming out for puppy kisses in the bottom photo? Eeeeee!

  5. I think we are looking at best friends forever

  6. That is a terrific picture. A beautiful child and a beautiful baby Sheltie.

  7. Cute girl, adorable puppy! Can every day be fuzzy Friday???

  8. Sheltie puppies as sooooo cute!!

  9. What a wonderful picture. Can’t tell who’s more beautiful — Cosmo or Alexis. They look like soul mates.

  10. adorable picture of both!!

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