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Friday’s Featured…Fuzzy Wuzzy?

Laddie is a VERY handsome fellow Gloria! :))

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  1. I know Laddie personally and he’s beautiful inside AND out!

    Nice picture Gloria

  2. What a sweetheart! I named my very first sheltie Laddie. :-)

  3. Laddie says “Look into my eyes. Look deep and see my soul.”

  4. What adorable little guy! Love those eyes!

  5. Not only is Laddie handsome but he is as sweet as a peach! His Mom is super nice too!

  6. What a handsome fellow he is ! May you be Blessed with many Happy and Healthy years with Laddie !!

  7. He is a BEAUTY!!!! Nice Photo

  8. I love how he has one paw folded under, that is so cute!

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