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A characteristic of a lady?

Why crossed paws of course!  Lucy is always ladylike!

Tee hee hee JJ!

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  1. My Mother’s Sheltie Angel Sadie,always crossed her paws when in repose usualy at someone’s feet. My two ladies Ceilidh and Penny do not, but they have the nudge , and stare down pat. Thanks, Shannon

  2. My dog Rapha crosses his paws too……and hangs them over the couch as if they’re human legs.

  3. We had to buy one of those sponge kneelers you use for gardening to cover up the cup holders just so Lucy could be right in the middle. A foot away in the back seat – she was not happy. She must always be as close as possible to her people!!
    We start every morning with Sheltie Nation.

  4. My Isabel does that too!! I love it!!

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