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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Anyone seen the puppy?

Sailor is practicing her Sheltie stealth!

A little cutie pie Monika!

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  1. Love the name! The photo reminds me of that scene in ET where the Mom suddenly comes in the room with ET and kids, and ET hides by pretending to be one of the stuffed animals. :-)

  2. First of all, GREAT name!! And she looks like such a snuggler- lucky you!

  3. Sailor is just awesome. She looks totally worn out from playing with all her buddies. Sleep well lil one.

  4. OMG now that adorable,That Puppy looks so comfy cozy and relaxed.

  5. Awh…she’s adorable. Can I come over and give her a hug? Looks like she has a playmate. Who sleeps next to her in the other bed?

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