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Reflections of fall

Luna & Robert enjoy a quiet moment.

So lovely Kathleen!

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  1. That would make a lovely greeting card. :)

  2. What a beautiful peaceful picture. Luna was beautiful and I hope the picture brings you some measure of comfort. So sorry for her loss!

  3. Thank you, Kelly for posting this photo. I checked your RSS this morning, as we were loading up our shelties into the car for a road trip to adopt a sable puppy who was saved by Central Illinois Sheltie Rescue. I burst into tears when I saw the photo. It was taken just weeks before Luna died unexpectedly at the age of 6, and it felt today as if she was looking down on us, encouraging us to go adopt another little fur baby.

  4. While we humans admire the beauty of such a gorgeous scene, we know our dogs are on constant scan alert until… SQUIRREL!!!!

    Gorgeous gorgeous puppy though… absolute sweetheart!! :)

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