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So very hard to resist!

Moonie turns up the dial on his powers of persuasion!

Awe, so cute Joy!

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  1. Such a sweet boy- and his name suits him too! I have a bi- black as well named Declan- his eyes get me everytime!

  2. Thank you, Everyone! Moonie’s a wonderful, wonderful dog! Sandra, he’s a bi-black.

  3. Wow! What a fluffy muffin Moonie is….so cuddlesome.

  4. What a beautiful Sheltie. What are those gorgeous colors?

  5. He’s beautiful and gorgeous. The best part are his eyes; they are so soulful. They make me want to jump thru the screen and hug him. Beautifully groomed, too. Moonie’s a keeper.

  6. What a beautiful dog.

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