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That’ll Do Pig, That’ll Do

You know Shelties are smart when THEY have their own pets!

Lacey & Lilo look like they have a very close friendship Alyssa!  :)

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  1. Hey, must be a canadian sheltie, she has a mullet!

  2. That is so cute!

    All of the photos I have of my sheltie are from so long ago that they were taken before digital cameras existed, and I no longer have the negatives. :(

  3. Soooooo adorable! I love Guinea Pigs. These two pals are even the same color! I bet it’s a fun household!

    My two kinda ignore their kitty and bunny pals except for the occasional sniff.

  4. How sweet!!! What an adorable sheltie with her own color-coordinated guinea pig!!

  5. Holy cow, way too cute! What a gorgeous sheltie!

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