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You aren’t going to rake these up, are you?!

McKenna, Brodie, Grace and Andy make the most of the moment!

Brody is especially comfy!

He looks so snuggable Cheryl!  :))

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  1. Wonderful, simply wonderful…

  2. Very cool photo!

  3. A wonderful group of Shelties and such a nice autumn picture! You are sure lucky to have a “pack” like that. Kudos for rescuing McKenna. Brodie is very very cute in his close-up!

  4. Maybe Brody is tired from “herding” the rake. Anybody else got a Sheltie that CANNOT let a broom, rake, mop or vacuum go unherded? LOL

  5. WOW!!!! soooo cute!!!


  7. so cute…love the look on the sheltie on the left…is that McKenna?

  8. What a beautiful picture…McKenna, Brodie, Grace and Andy are so beautiful!

  9. Wow, four shelties. You are lucky. They are all beautiful!

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