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Christmas Hangover

Petey is trying to sleep off all the merry making!

Love the little white teephies Meryl

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  1. This is so giggleable!

  2. Fabulous photo! He really does look as if Christmas has tuckered him out …lol. Love it!

    Cheers from Pam in Oz.

  3. Awesome, some wildcat you got there !!!!!!!! Great shot….

  4. I love it!! To cute. I also love the daily pictures. I look at them every day.

  5. Silly baby!! So cute!

  6. “Ohhhhhh… I don’t want annudder cookie… no… no more turkeee for me… ohhhhhhh…”
    Don’t worry Petey… our Mollie is feeling much the same way! Hugs sweetie!!

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