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Friday’s Featured…Fuzzy Tinsel?

No one will notice the tinsel is missing from the Christmas tree.

Fabulous photo Mary!

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  1. A hallmark moment! Just beautiful!

  2. This is an absolutely adorable photo – love it!!!!

  3. Adorable puppy—-cute..cute..cute..mine too loves to take the ornaments off the tree and bring them to me.

    • With two that have never experienced Christmas, Bella came to us in January and Dodger just a few weeks ago, I decided to go with a little table to tree.

  4. Wow… stunning photo. I would really like to know which camera you have!!

  5. Santa – Please put this angel under my tree!

  6. Adorable photo… but I’d be concerned about him (or her) eating that tinsel. No one wants a trip to the vet and an expensive medical bill for Christmas….

  7. Ooooo…he/she’s so cute!!!! What’s his/her name? Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh, what a cutie pie!

  9. Awww! That is the cutest!

  10. I think all Shelties are exceptionally cute but this little one is really using all her (his) charms

  11. Very Cute Photo, oh I like pretty shinny things.
    The look is just too too precious its like ok I know it was wrong but I just couldn’t resist & it’s mine now.

  12. What a great shot!

  13. How sweet! I would like a present like this delicious puppy any time of the year.

  14. A Sheltie can decorate my tree any Christmas! Very cute!

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