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Fuzzy Rescue Elves!

Merry Christmas from Chance (PSSR Rescue), Billy (Michigan Sheltie Rescue), and Laddie!

Big Christmas hugs for adopting Gloria! :))

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  1. I bought a Christmas collar like that for my sheltie Shelby last year. I thought she looked really cute in it, but the kids all laughed at her. She went out to go potty, and came back without it. I never did find it!

  2. It was not a merry Christmas until I saw this photograph. Shelties make Christmas merry.

    • Al, I am so glad my boys could make your holiday brighter. They most certainly brighten mine! Take care abd have a happy and safe holiday.

  3. What a great photo! We have three shelties (one who we just adopted a few weeks ago) and we can’t get them tired enough to all sit still for a photo like this!

    • I had all of them go to beginners obedience classes. They did great on the long down and stay command! Worked well for this photo. Have a happy holiday!

  4. Beautiful photo! They are all so cute.

  5. What a handsome group! Merry Christmas!

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