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Half past Sheltie o’clock

Poor Jack.  Molly doesn’t have a snooze button!

Mine do the same thing Melissa…but add some whining for emphasis!  LOL

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  1. Mollie and Jack do this particular routine every night and in fact, every weekend morning this is her ritual to wake HIM up… I usually get just the stare down from the side of the bed (“I know you’re faking Mommy… time to get up and let me chase squirrels at 5:42am on the day you want to sleep in…!”)
    But there’s just something about Jack and the spot just behind his ear she cannot resist… it’s like Mollie-nip for her. He could be freshly showered or covered in eight days of mud and whammo, she goes right to that spot… she’s our very silly girl!!!

  2. I don’t know whats worse; my sheltie whining or my cats knocking things off of the night stand to wake me up for food.

  3. Rapha is very quiet until he hears me stir, then he jumps up on the bed. Somehow he can differentiate between a “sleeping-stir” and an “awake-stir”. Shelties are so good at recognizing every little sound and nuance.

    • My Shai knows the difference, too. Sometimes he comes to the bed and places his head on it waiting for me to rub his head and pat the bed. Then he’s up and right next to me ready to cuddle. Othertimes, he just barks at me from his own bed.

  4. Dengar too! Fortunately he hasn’t figured out how to remove the blankets…yet :)

  5. Ahhh how sweet. My sheltie alarm clock hums non-stop until I get up. She’s too old to jump up on the bed, otherwise I’m sure she would.

  6. That could be Annie Laurie and DH. She adds patting his arm and creeping yp onto his chest!!

  7. That is so cute…My Sheltie takes my covers off by pawing and pulling with her mouth. She does not want me to be covered up!

  8. My Isabel whines and if that doesn’t work she kicks me and then quick looks away and pretends she didn’t do it!

  9. That must be a Sheltie thing, and no, they definitely don’t have snooze button! All 3 of mine have done that, and my current Sheltie, MacKenzie will add getting up and standing on my head if I try to ignore her.

  10. Mine do the same too. But they add pulling the blankets off with their paws.

  11. And mine does both and adds a dance and jump to it. Got to love them!

  12. Great title, by the way.

  13. Me too! No cuddle or snooze button, just get up and take me out right now command!

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