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Parky weather today!

Leo lives in a very cold and snowy Doncaster in England!

(Parky is British  slang for Chilly!)

Love the photo Adam!

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  1. Leo is definitely friendly and loveable he is a typical sheltie!

    Kelley keep looking after those shelties they are such great breed and anyone who has a sheltie knows they will all steal your heart!

    this picture will probably make an appearance next year Ruth!

    love looking at all the sheltie pictures and stories don’t see too many shelties in our area but there will always be room for a sheltie in our home!

  2. pretty picture, pretty pup

  3. So happy to have the chance to see a sheltie from “across the pond”! And I LOVE the expression “parky” weather :) My oldest son backpacked all over Scotland a few years ago. The first place he went was the Shetland Islands. He was determined to get a picture for me of a sheltie in the Shetland Islands! Much to his dismay, he never saw one.

  4. What a beautiful Sheltie. The photo is so beautiful and well laid out — it could be you Xmas card next year.

  5. Gorgeous Sheltie….God Bless you for keeping all those shelties together!

  6. Just wanted to say everyone of the Pictures I have seen makes me want to have more Shelties LOL , I have 8 of them love all of them 5 of them are rescued from ppl who could not take them when homes went in foreclosure , and Spouse had passed away , and was moving to a smaller place that don’t allow dogs !!. Thanks keep the good work up .


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