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Can someone please bring my coffee and newspaper?

Oh wait, skip the paper.  Corey is enjoying it right now.  :))

Awe Jamie!

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  1. I was just cruising through photos and found this. It’s a great shot of a beautiful dog!

  2. i like dogs ,they are so cute and royal,actually i have two in my home

  3. This is really a captured moment..

  4. That’s the look of pure contentment. Corey looks well loved. Just wish all
    dogs could have moments like this.

  5. Sleeping so sweetly… priceless… who needs to read the paper anyway…

  6. The expression on Corey’s face says “now this is heaven.” So serene, so lovely.

  7. very nice picture of a very cute dog.

  8. What a wonderful life our Shelties live.

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