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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Oh, Delectabuhl Morsel!

Puppies will chew on anything!

Dodger is a cutie Mary!

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  1. So cute!!!! Makes me want another puppy!! What a sweet face!

  2. What a sweet baby! <3

  3. Aww! My Canlyn Loved to chew on leaves as a puppy, especially crunchy magnolia ones!

  4. He looks like one “happy puppy.”

  5. He just couldn’t be any cuter!!!!!!!!!!

  6. He is so cute and looks so happy!

  7. You can see the ornery glint in his eye. He’s adorable!

  8. Looks like quite the little character! You’re going to have lots of fun with this cutie :)

  9. You can just see how much fun he was having with that leaf! Cute!!

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