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I’m detecting drama…

Bailey thinks Dreamer is nothing but trouble.  Chloe looks OK with things.

You got that right nve, Dreamer is small but ‘mighty’ worrisome to Bailey!!

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  1. What a cutie that little bi-black is! Reminds me of my Chloe when she was a pup. All three of them are precious <3

  2. LOVE that sideways look from Bailey!!! Dreamer looks like a little stuffed panda bear.

  3. Dreamer looks just like my little Beetle Bug as a puppy. She was the runt. So very cute!

  4. OMG (: Soooo cute! <3

  5. LOL, I was also going to say that Dreamer looks like a little stuffed animal. :-) How cute!

  6. Awww- this makes me want another puppy! How sweet!!! They are all so beautiful!!!

  7. Is the puppy real or stuffed? Adorable….

  8. Un huh, un huh…

  9. What a sweetheart the new pup is !!

  10. Bailey does look very worried and Dreamer what an adorable puppy!

  11. So unbelievably cute! This pic made me smile!

  12. OMG That too funny, IT certainly looks like he’s keepin a eye on him LOL

  13. I bet all three will be looking like yesterdays picture soon.

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