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Putting the rest of the Sheltie world to shame!

OK, I for one wish my guys would clean up their toy bombs like Boomer does!

Care to give a clinic on how to teach this Mary?  LOL

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  1. You are a very clever individual!

  2. I think the cutest part was when Boomer ran to be hugged after he was done. SOOO adorable!

  3. Boy, could I use some tips on that. My two have toys everywhere. Nothin’ like stepping on a squeaky toy when you get up in the middle of the night to, you know. Boomer is the cutest little helper ever!

  4. @Melanie Forget your kids lets get down to brass tacks! Can my husband be trained!!! That’s what I what to know!!!!

  5. Another very smart Sheltie….I had my Sheltie Spot watch this and I will let you know if he starts putting away his toys…Adorable

  6. Amazing! There were also a couple more videos that showed up at the bottom that were fantastic. Boomer Gets a Tissue and one about scent. Charlie needs to learn some useful tricks like that! Seriously, Mary, how did you get Boomer to do that?
    And then there’s the pure JOY of a job well-done!! Very sweet.

    • I agree. Seeing the last part absolutely made my day. I wanted to rush home and see my little sheltie! (But I just got into work… sigh)

  7. What a dog Boomer is!! So smart and beautiful–
    love watching how he puts his toys away! ha ha lol
    Have a wonderful day Boomer!!


  8. Perhaps she can teach my human kids to do the same thing. :)

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