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Sheltie Secret Identity

Does Davis have a red cape hidden somewhere Tracy?  :)

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  1. So precious. I have a male Sheltie too (Sly) and he is amazing.

  2. Looks as though he is preparing to do his Taxes …….. Very distinctive!!!

    Love from my two little ones Kary-May and Ellie-Boy….


  3. Great…I just saw that dark rimmed glasses are very hot on the red carpet scene…

  4. I laughed so hard when I opened this link that I spit on my computer screen! So adorable!!

  5. Is he a rescued mill dog? I see the number tattooed in his ear?

  6. Is that Drew Carey’s sheltie???

  7. Actually he kind of looks like Woody Allen….

  8. He looks very intelligent and cute!

  9. I love Shelties….how many other dogs let you play dress up with them?

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