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Bart could count them all day.

So much for the walk Elizabeth?  :)

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  1. Glad everyone enjoyed Bart. I get to love him every day!

  2. Dem teef!

    Every time I look at this picture I just snort out a laugh….I love it.

  3. Our little Sheltie Miki barks at planes flying over the house. She’s been 100% successful at keeping the planes out of our yard! :)

  4. Bart’s country home is in Plainfield, N. J.

    We congratulate Bart!

  5. Squirrels and shelties go together

  6. I know that look very well….SO CUTE! My Pebbles thinks she can climb trees, when she spots a squirrel on a tree :). She surely tries…

  7. Great picture. I know about squirrels. Shelties think they are the most wonderful toys ever.

  8. Count Them, Cosmo says you need to hide & try to catch them.
    Bart looks great.

  9. Beautiful picture!

  10. Such a beautiful dog!!

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