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Can you please install a Sheltie height doorbell!

You know, Chianti, Chase and Harley would let themselves in if they could!

LOL Stephanie!

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  1. this is awesome. i would like to use this photo in my sermon for this Sunday but really need a higher resolution copy. HELP!?!
    priceless picture……….

  2. I agree with Gloria. There are no closed doors in my house. Not with my 2 girls.

  3. pathetically cute!

  4. Closed doors??? What are those??? My little shelties won’t even let me close the bathroom door! Go figure… they have to herd you no matter where you are!

  5. I laughed out loud at GreggB’s icon, by the way. So spare and minimalist! Yet it conveys “Sheltie” perfectly.

  6. Awww, c’mon, you know our sweet Shelties HATE closed doors! I agree with Debbie, our Shelties deserve to have what they want, and they usually want to be with us. Little sweethearts.

  7. How precious! I think Shelties deserve anything they want..

  8. This is so de ja vue! We have French doors in our kitchen eating area, and Timmy and Buddy do this all day! We have learned they do not always want to come in, though. Just ‘window shopping’. . making sure they keep an eye on us and that they don’t miss anything (mainly meals):):)

  9. We’ve hung a cluster of large Christmas “jingle bells” on a cord by our doors for the Barks Brothers to ring when they want to go in or out. They do tend to bark instead, though.

  10. LOVE the photo! But i have to disagree — No Sheltie needs a door bell if [s]he wants to come inside. Shelties have no problem vocalizing their desires/commands. I think these adorable Shelties are laying some guilt on their humans.

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