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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: puppy overload!!!

The holidays are over, the temperature is below freezing and there’s 30 inches of snow on the ground.  Here’s what Sheltie puppies do until spring.

These are:  Maya, Tiffany, Caroline, Bria, Samarie, and Lorin (they were born the day the UCONN women broke the record!).

All girls!!!!!Lucky  you Kevin & Megan!  As a UCONN alumni myself…GO HUSKIES!!!  :))

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  1. Absolutely nothing cuter than a pile of puppies!!!

  2. So, so cute!! And they called it Puppy Love, for sure!

  3. This has to be the meaning of SWEET!!!

  4. I love EVERYTHING about puppies- puppy breath, puppy belly, puppy pink paws, puppy play, early puppy mornings, just everything. Ya know, if we could bottle sheltie baby cuteness, we’d have a lot less stress in the world. You’re so lucky to have all these babies to play with!

  5. D’aww!
    I want to be in the middle of that snuggle puddle!
    So cute!

  6. Just plain adorable! You will have to spend all your time taking turns cuddling with them!

  7. Wow! Jakey was one dog and was a really trip. Can only imagine what it would be like to have so many in the house at the same time!! Hope you have a good vacuum cleaner for all the hair to shed!!

  8. This picture just melts my heart! I have always had female Shelties, so a dog bed full of girls is my idea of heaven!!!

  9. this is so darn cute

  10. What a furry and cute handful!

  11. puppy love! so precious!

  12. Ok, now I want a puppy! Precious puppies…

  13. How many pups in that litter?? Absolutely adorable. . .no Valentine needed now:)

  14. What beautiful, adorable puppies! I just want to cuddle with them all! They sure would take the edge off this cold winter we’re having…. :)

  15. Ohhhhh….so adorable!

  16. It’s a Puppy Bowl! Just want to see those pink little bellies :)

  17. Go Huskies . . . . Er . . . Go Shelties . . . Er . . . Go puppies!

  18. A donut full of sleeping sheltie princesses, how cute,
    enjoy it while it lasts, ;)

  19. O….. M….G! That is enough cuteness for the rest of the year.

  20. All I can say is … D8

    Too cute for words. C:

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