Sheltie Nation

Is everybody happy now?

Looks like Jiji is too!

Thanks for making us all smile Josephine!  :))

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  1. Shelties surely do know how to make you smile!

  2. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments! It makes Jiji and I so happy that you guys love her picture!

  3. What a sweetie! I just love those puppy toofers! Hug her and give her big kisses from me.

  4. Love that beautiful smile!!

  5. Haha! What a great picture!! My pup smiles like that all the time and it makes me laugh and smile as much as this picture did!

  6. Thank you Josephine, I was a little blue today missing my Sheltie Angel and decided to stop in at Sheltie Nation for a pick me up and boy, did jiji do it for me. That picture is just too cute. Love the toofers!!

  7. She must have gotten her dental recently – she looks so proud! What a sweetheart!

  8. look at those lil teefers

  9. Love those teephers – so cute! :)!

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