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Sheltie Stowaway!

A couple weeks ago, we were packing for our Caribbean vacation when I found Rookie fast asleep in my suitcase.

Oh the guilt Terri!

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  1. Oh I love it……….. My puppy is only 3 months old and already lots of fun. It seems like she learns more and more every day.

  2. Nope… I could not leave!

  3. Doesn’t Rookie deserve a vacation on the beach too? I’m sure he’d fit in your carry on!!!Let’s see….Grandma’s house, lots of cookies- pretty great or Caribbean beach with Mommy, priceless! Just the sweetest photo!

  4. This looks familiar! He is so handsome….I couldn’t have left him either!

  5. Rookie could be my stow away any day! How you were able to leave this is beyond me — I would of been in tears.

  6. This is adorable! It’s also good to hear my Denar’s not the only one to lay on the guilt. He brought me his leash when I had to go back to work after three weeks of being home for xmas vacation. That made for a VERY long day!

  7. Shetlies are the most tender and sensitive of dogs. I just adore this picture!

  8. so funny! Mine ALWAYS knows something is up when he hears all of the zipping of my bags…I love the intelligence and loyalty of the sheltie…and hate leaving him!

  9. I say, take him with you! I mean, clothes for the Caribbean can’t be that heavy and Rookie looks like he’d only take up half the allotted weight limit (if not less). :) Love love love this photo!

  10. Cute picture and sweet Sheltie. When I leave for work in the morning my Shelite Alick follows me to the door with the “don’t leave me” eyes. At night when I get home he lays on my tote bag telling me I can’t leave again. Guilt, guilt, guilt! Shelties are the masters of guilt trips!

  11. Oh yes! The guilt was enormous! haha… He got to go to Grandma’s house though. We call that “The Puppy Resort”! haha I think I would have died if he’d also brought his leash to me! lol They do know how to turn the guilt on, don’t they.

  12. that is absolutely adorable

  13. Typical Sheltie who always wants to go with! Mine blocks the door when I leave without him.

  14. I agree with Rookie: I want to go on a Caribbean vacation too!

  15. Awww, poor little thing. Guilt indeed!

  16. How sweet, he wanted to go with you!

  17. I always feel quilty when leaving my Shelties. They will go and get their leads to make sure i see them. The suitcase is a great way to get the point across. Lovely Sheltie.

  18. awwww…. I used to feel TERRIBLE when I had to leave my baby at home!

  19. I guess Rookie felt he needed a vacation, too…LOL…

  20. I guess he wanted to go on Vacation Too.
    So Did You feel Quilty ;)

    Very Sweet..

  21. Love this picture!

  22. That is the most precious thing I have ever seen!! What a sweetheart!

  23. Oh! Oh! How could you leave him????

  24. this is beyond adorable!!!!

    I have seen cats do this many, many times but never a dog!

  25. oh they know when to put on the guilt. hope you guys had a nice trip

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