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Jax and Shelby were so excited to finally get to go outside after the blizzard that they gave each other a BIG HUG!

Yea surrrre Julia!

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  1. What a fabulous shot of happy pups! They look like my new pup’s siblings. My new pup loves snow and what we’ve had has melted. :-(

  2. Yes, my Floridian dogs just wouldn’t know what to make out of the snow…Looks like fun..Maybe one day, they will get to go back home with me to Illinois, they’ll have plenty of it there….

  3. What a beautiful picture! This is just toooo sweet! I must admit I am jealous of all of you with the snow–here in Beaverton, Oregon we just don’t get any. I know my two precious Shelties would love to play in it too. Thank you for such a sweet picture.

  4. Oh what fun!!! Bobbie ~ Good comment! LOL

  5. What fun! What a happy pair they are!

  6. Julia, I see a heart shape there, they are beautiful ! My pair did the same, big kisses all over the place ;)

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