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Who owns this blue couch?

That would be Truffle!

And the pillows too, right Helen?  :)

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  1. Beautiful pup!!! BTW, Shelties own ALL sofas!! Dare I admit that when I replaced my worn out sofa in our family room, I chose the $$$ one that suited my first Sheltie, Pansy (angel). It has a marvelous down cushion! ~:)

  2. Second what Helen said – Thanks so much for posting our puppy’s picture! I loved seeing it and showed it to him as well. All my friends and co-workers were delighted to see Truffle’s day of Internet fame. Keep up the good work – your website is awesome!

  3. the dog is actually half sheltie and half gorgeous!!


  5. Oh, what a cutie, Truffle! Love the name…

  6. That’s my Truffle! Thank you so much for posting it :) He hasn’t said so explicitly but he’s so excited to be on your website.

    • Helen,

      I hope you get this… Would love to know where Truffle came from. I have a little girl who just turned a year old. And I would swear she is related to your Truffle. Her name is Cheyenne and she came from around Marietta, Ohio. It is scary how much they look alike. Write to me at my e-mail address and I will send you a photo of my Cheyenne. They even lay on the sofa the same way!

      Thanks so very much…
      Onalee Henderson

  7. A Sheltie is the best accessory for any couch.
    Actually, come to think of it, Shelties make everything better!

  8. This little sweet thing just collapsed on those inviting pillows! Cute paws.

  9. Love the name Truffle!

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