Sheltie Nation

Whatcha doin’ out there?

Great posture Mr. Truffle!

Shelties are always such busybodies aren’t they Kunal? ;)

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  1. If he wasn’t a boy I’d suggest you name him Gladys…Because I can totally see the dog saying “Abner! Abner! Come Quick!” (Bewitched)

  2. What a B-E-A-U-T-Y. The look of concentration is so intense. You can see the thought bubble over her head. Good picture!

  3. OMG i just want to cry tears of joy. these dogs are my earth, sun, my world. i now own 21 dogs that i have adopted and i love them all the same. i have professionals that come and help me take care of these dogs, and i thankful i have the financial resources so i can dedicate my life to these dogs. GO TRUFFLE!

  4. Yay! Another picture of my dog Truffle! Thanks again for posting!!

    p.s. Truffle is a male :D


  6. i think shelly’s favourite spot is at the windowsill… and it shows. we will most likely have to sand them down and re-varnish. but i love how the shelties stand up with their little chicken legs.

    • All of our windowsills and moldings are torn up. We live in a single-story house and Scarlett runs from window to window to window, watching whatever she sees, all the way down the road. Just doing her job, sun-up to sundown!!!

      • Same at our house! I have a large ottoman in front of the window so Rapha can lay on it and look outside. The loud bark can really startle me when he sees anyone on the horizon.

  7. How CUTE! What a beautiful fuzzy. :-)

  8. Whatever it is out there, I’m sure it needs to be herded ;)

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