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Have you kissed a Sheltie today?

NJ Sheltie Rescue is trying out a new kissing booth at the events we have coming up this year to raise money. Autumn and Sundae tried it out, but Autumn wasn’t that into giving him a kiss… Maybe he needs a breath mint???

Love this photo Lisa!  I hope you raise a whole bunch for rescue!

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  2. It took me quite a few looks to spot it but I’m pretty sure that is a dollar bill that Sundae has in his mouth. What an adorable picture. I’d pay to kiss both Shelties.

  3. How can you only charge $1? These licks are absolutely priceless!

  4. Love the kissing booth Pic. Shelties are awsome the best ! I can’t live without a Sheltie, my Rosie is a gift from Heaven.

  5. Awwww, this is so cute! What a great idea!

  6. I love kissing shelties. I’d easily pay a dollar to kiss this sheltie. Probably several dollars for kisses. lol

  7. I kiss both of my Shelties EVERYDAY! I just love the kissing booth idea. So cute.

  8. What a wonderful idea! If I could be there, I would certainly give them kisses! I give my two sweeties kisses all the time and my little boy can really give us kisses too. He loves to kiss my mom too. The best of luck on your kissing booth.

  9. I kiss two everyday~ If I saw a Sheltie Kissing booth I would step right up

  10. LOVE this photo!! I hope it rakes in the dough for NJ Sheltie Rescue! I know I’d love to get a Sheltie kiss from any Sheltie going.

    Of course, I kiss my Shelties’ noses every day!

  11. Me too!!! What a creative idea, hope it brings lots of donations and kisses!!

  12. I’ve adopted 4 Shelties from NJ Sheltie Rescue. I’m here to tell you that each and every person involved is absolutely devoted to giving the Shelties in their care the very best lives possible until each and every Sheltie finds a wonderful forever home. Bravo to all of you! Not only Shelties go to Sheltie Heaven. These people surely will, too. Send money! They deserve it and need it to do more good work. OK, I’m prejudiced — I’m sure that every other Sheltie Rescue group has rooters like me. If not they should. Surely each one does G-d’s work on earth.

    • Thank you so very much Ruth for the praises. We love this breed very much and want to see all of them happy. So glad you love your furry kids so much, I hope they have given you years of laughs and happiness!

  13. I kiss a Sheltie every single day!! :)

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