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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Puppy fix x5!

Drink it in Sheltie lovers!  I dare you to only watch once!  ;)

Thx to rbaker1177!

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  1. oh soo adorable I want them all my Rosie would have so much fun with them they ar beautiful and I watched it two times and my husband watched too and he was smiling and said it was soo cute.

  2. Okay! Shadow and I just watched this together. He was charmed! I wonder if he recalls his littermates when he sees something like this. He watched evry movement! Thanks for the entertainment; we’ll be back for sure …

  3. Adorable,,,,How could you give even one of them up,,I would have to keep them!

  4. I’m still smiling

  5. Oh if only I could be sitting in the middle of that kiddie pool with all those sweet puppies!!!

  6. So cute, my two Shelties,6and 7 still play like puppies. I love the pink feet and the littlest one.


  8. Let’s get ready to RUMBLE!

  9. How adorable – I’ve bookmarked it so I can look at it whenever I need cheering up! Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. What a wonderful way to start the morning. They are so cute. I want one. Nothing like holding a puppy and just drinking in the wonderful puppy smell and feeling the soft fur. And they are Shelties which makes them extra special.

  11. So cute. I have a video of my sheltie Tara playing with my big ole collie Apollo when she was 12 weeks old and about 5lbs. She is climbing all over him and he is so patient! Must be because he was a stud dog in his former life. I have it on my Facebook page.

  12. Yes, I agree with the other comments, you can not watch it once. Yes I want one, no two also.

  13. 5 little pieces of heaven !!! too adorable for words !!! there is nothing as cute as a sheltie puppy but 5 is a bag of riches !!! this has made my week, no, month !!!

  14. I want all of them……………ok maybe just one more!

  15. I want one aswell………………so cute

  16. Thank you, I am dead now!

  17. Oh, how this made me smile and brought back memories of my Duncan when he was a puppy. He is 12 now! I want to run right out and get a new puppy! Too, too cute! :)

  18. Oh, I want another sheltie! We only have one!

  19. I want one, I want one! No, maybe two. Or three.

  20. Great puppy fix! Still have the smile on my face! :)

  21. The world needed this smile!! They are adorable!!

  22. I can SMELL the puppy breath! :)

  23. I had to watch 6 times. One in a happy morning fog and one for each cute fur baby. Cute x 5 = a smile so big I think I pulled a muscle.

    Thank you for putting a ray of sunshine in a week that was grey and rainy.

  24. All bets are off! You win, Kelly. I’ll be watching this again today — too cute!


  26. I didn’t pass =( I’m going to go watch it for the third time now.

  27. AWWW I loved how they all looked up at once and stopped what they were doing when you tried to get their attention. So smart , even at that young of an age. congrats

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