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Now, where’s my other slipper?

Halo loves to steal my slipper every morning as I step out of the shower… & makes a run for it!
Such silly games they play Terry.  Love that mischievous face!

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  1. LOL! What a look!

  2. p.s. beautiful dog, love the “eyes” :-)

  3. Awww, my two are also slipper thieves, I put them on and then they both paw to get them off and carry them away, good thing I don’t have 3 shelties, I would need 3 feet :-)
    My first sheltie Nikki would BRING me my slippers in the morning, what a good girl she was !!


  4. How many times have I been there????? At least all my male Shelties have done this. I don’t think the girls did. Slippers are too hard to resist. Socks too, anything that has our scent. Sweet little babies.

  5. Too cute. Shadow brings me one shoe when he wants more attention. Lucky for both of us he never chews it (but that could change!).
    Even if they did chew, we’d forgive them though, wouldn’t we? It’s those eyes …

  6. My little Piper steals one of my husband’s socks every night before bed and brings it to him… They are soooo funny and little creatures of habit! Sweet pup!

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