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Lazy Welcome

I really don’t want to get up, but I’m really happy to see you!


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  1. Loving that sheltie!! My little girl Shelby lays like that all the time..she gets lost in her own hair! So cute thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. When I saw your dog I thought omg it’s Rio! She’s gone now but your dog looks just like her . How I miss her. Lucky you!

  3. That’s funny!

  4. great video ! i love the way shelties sleep – mine gets in positions i did not think possible. The tail wag at the end is wonderful – beautiful sheltie ! Sweet dreams , baby !

  5. Looks like someone wanted some more belly scratching to me…Ha..ha…so cute!

  6. How funny! Love that silly way of sleeping!!

  7. Too cute – enjoyed watching this

  8. What a lovely video. These sweethearts are so funny when they lie on their backs with their feet in the air! Sweet tail swish too.

  9. It’s exhausting being that beautiful and cute ;)

  10. What a sweetie!

    This charmer proves that the tail must be connected to the heart.
    Thanks for sharing the love.

  11. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video! I love that wagging tail just before the little fuzzy one attempts to nod back into dreamland!

  12. Beautiful video*what a happy beautiful Sheltie!!!

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