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Rub my belleh pleeze?

Charlie, how could anyone say no?

:)) Meriwether

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  1. My Penny begs for a belly rub after lying on her back on the carpet and giving her self a back rub! Then she gives me the look as if to say come on Mom it’s your turn! How can anyone resist the sweet faces of Shelties. Charlie is probably a nudger and a cuddler, and he deserves it! What a sweetheart!

  2. Now there’s a happy sheltie!
    His face says it all……….”I’m lovin it”

  3. I’m waiting. Give me a kiss.

  4. What a sweetie to ask so nicely. Cait comes up to me while I am lying in bed, barely awake and hooks her paw around my wrist and pulls my hand and arm under her belly in demand rather than a request. I’m usually too groggy to think of training her by refusing and she gets her belly rub.

  5. what a sweetheart ! and that belly is just ripe for a rubdown ! a totally content sheltie ! I could wrap my arms around Charlie and give him one long hug – yummy !

  6. What a precious face!! That sweet expression is just one of the things we love about Shelties.

  7. So sweet! you now hes serious because his eyes are closed~!

  8. If you looked up the word Bliss in the dictionary, that sheltie’s face is what you’d see :)

  9. Very cute! I would rub your belly!

  10. My beau will roll over on his back side for a belly rub in the middle of the street

  11. I’ve seen that expression before and there is no way to resist. What a sweetie. I’ll bet he’s a cuddler, too.

  12. Too darn cute for words… and yes, would never deny him a belly rub! That is one sweetest face. He is a lucky sheltie. You must be so bonded to him, as he is to you! You can certainly see that on his face.

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