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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: for that sharp, shimmering Sheltie shine!

Just add Sophia to your rinse cycle ;)

Bet she would prefer you let her clean those for you Diane!

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  1. Too cute! Kelly still is the recycler! Something about the dishwasher, and when I tell her let,s go wash the dishes….she stands there with her ears cocked, and once the dishwaher starts , she does her circle thing and walks away…

  2. what a cute thing to find in your dishwasher. I wish I found one when I opened up my dishwasher?

    Funny, my first sheltie Nikki, loved “dish time” and helped make sure the dishes were all cleaned off before washing. When I got Lizzie, as an eight week pup, I have a similar picture with her standing on her hind legs, one paw on the dishwasher, trying to take over Nikki’s duties. Is this a sheltie thing?

  3. As somebody else said you just want to pick her up and give her hugs and kisses. She is too cute for words except awwwww….

  4. This has to be one of the most cute adorable irristible photos around Very High puppies to Sophie Arf Arf and most woof woof aproval to her may she be loved always and forever this ties the shelties in

  5. First step to clean dishes is the Sophia cycle!

  6. WHAT A LITTLE DOLL!!! She really is just adorable! I want to pick her up and hold her and give her kisses. She is just the cutest little girl. Lucky you, Diane.

  7. Too cute for words!!!

  8. She is absolutely adorable!

  9. Awesome picture! Very cute furball

  10. I was looking for one “dishwasher size”…LOL.

    She is oh soo cute!!!!

  11. That’s the cutest darned “dishwasher” I’ve ever seen!

  12. So cute! My Lucy is also a big fan of being the ‘prewash cycle’ in my house.

  13. What a sweet baby! Don’t you just love that halo of puppy fur that stands up all over them? Give her a snuggle for all of us!


  15. My 14 week old sheltie Tobie had been doing this also! I think I now have him staying away from the dirty silverware! Funny!

  16. What a pretty little helper! This brings back special memories for me. My Andy, now a Sheltie Angel, was fascinated with the dishwasher when he was a puppy. I couldn’t load or unload it without his very unable assistance. The minute the door was down he would jump up on it & after he got too big to do that he’d rest his chin on the door to make sure I was doing the job properly.

  17. Just too cute for words and I love those fuzzy ears.

  18. Who needs a dishwasher when you have a sheltie? A few years ago my 32 lb Rylie did the same and broke the springs on the dishwasher door! We could not fault him for doing such a good job.

  19. Love this photo!

  20. One word… ADORABLE!

  21. Oh, Sophie! She’s just lovely, Diane!

  22. Friday’s Featured Fuzzy is the best thing to happen to my Thursday nights (different time zone) lol. Sophia is the epitome of cute!

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