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Sniffing, sniffing, always sniffing

What DO they find so fascinating?Mikos is very handsome, Darren!

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  1. Beautiful Sheltie – but then I’ve never seen one that wasn’t beautiful!

  2. Beautiful! We have a blue merle named Misty and she has a striking similarity to this handsome boy. Thanks for sharing this photo.

  3. I love the markings! My three are always sniffing smells outside that I can’t detect.

  4. You’ve got a beautiful boy! I love the “Blues”. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The nose is the keenest sensory organ a dog has. Their world is guided by their noses.

  6. Gorgeous!

    I have one sheltie girl who would rather run and play ball. She’s not much of a smeller unless she’s on the hunt for cookie crumbs.

    My other girl will sniff every plant, rock, and random piece of doggie poo she comes upon.

  7. He looks just like my Roxie!

  8. He looks just like my little girl! Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful photo!

  10. Rocco is always stopping to smell the flowers and other interesting things too.
    I love that about Shelties. Taking time to smell the Roses

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