Sheltie Nation

Do you think anyone will notice?

Soleil and Etoile add just the right touch to the festive decor!

LOVE this photo, Ann!  :))

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  1. Booooo…oooo

  2. So priceless.Love it!

  3. they’re not afraid of no ghosts!! (then why are they disguised?) Very cute, if you’re looking for your shelties, they are hiding in th pumpkin patch :-)

  4. Soooooooooooo cute…..

  5. Absolutely priceless picture! Gosh, how I LOVE the SheltieNation — and all the fun people who love their Shelties …!

  6. This is just so darn cute. I can’t stop giggling!

  7. Too funny!!!! Love the eyes and the tilt of the head.

  8. Too funny! How in the heck did you get them to sit still for this photo? Ours are difficult to photograph because they’re always in motion.

  9. They’re like one of those paintings where the eyes follow you around the room. Spooky!

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