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Twinkle, twinkle

Sadie’s eyes are full of mischief! :) Karol

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  1. I respectfully submit that those eyes are full of LOVE, not mischief! What a lovely girl, so intelligent looking, with a great name (I’ve used it twice in honor of a great aunt)! Shadow is particularly enchanted!

  2. Oh my gosh Sadie looks so much like my Kelly!

  3. Sadie, Sadie, gorgeous lady !!! That has to be one of the most beautifully expressive faces I’ve ever seen on a sheltie. The eyes, the ears, the loving smile, the coat, the angle of the face – this is portrait quality. Would love to wrap my arms around her for a teddy-bear hug ! Perfection !!

  4. Beautiful! I want to know what Katie is fed to reach such age. May Sadie bring you many years of joy.

  5. Wow, those eyes they sparkle but I love the Sheltie ears. I own 6 Sheltie ears and eyes!!! Two black white tan and one blue merle who is breaking the age barrier. going on 16 years old is our Katie blue!

  6. Sadie is lovely! Love her Sheltie smile, she looks like she’s ready to play.

  7. What a fantastic photo! She’s really beautiful. I’d be making this one into a full-sized portrait to hang on the wall.

  8. looks like one happy little sheltie girl!

  9. Love those sheltie eyes.

  10. What a gorgeous happy sheltie!

  11. WOW Karol, I think Sadie is one of the prettiest Shelties I have seen in a while. What fun you must have on a daily basis. Ah-h-h, those Sheltie eyes, and such a pretty smile, looks like you get to do a lot of laughing.

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