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Friday’s Featured Fuzzy: Oh you KNOW you want one!

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  1. What a beautiful little face, love the dark eye patches- looks like a “bandit” to me :-)

  2. Why yes, yes I do want one!!

  3. Enjoy the puppyhood, it goes by so fast. And of course we all want one!

  4. Well, I know I want THAT one! :-)

  5. Oh, she can eat a milkbone on my bed anytime!

  6. Oh, this makes me want a dozen sheltie puppies! How adorable the puppy is!!

  7. you people are killing me with the puppies! Yes of course I want one.

    What a total cutie, yipping & hitting the camera! I want one I want one….never had a sheltie puppy (the 4 we’ve had have all been adult rescues), feeling deprived of it now.

  8. Yep, I’d love to have another one, or two!

  9. She’s looks like an angel and I see shear innocence in her eyes, but wait till she’s about 7 weeks old and into everything…lol.

    And yes, it does make me want another puppy!

  10. How cute! The video was tooooo short!

  11. Of course I want one, or two. Sweet face. Enjoy your fur baby.

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