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We wish you a Sheltie Christmas

Maverick & Ryder have been very good this year!

Happy Holidays, Karen!

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  1. Yes, not barking is an awesome accomplishment for Shelties!!!

  2. Thanks everyone for your nice comments!
    Ryder was afraid of hubby with the wig and beard so it had to be a headless shot.

    • No, it really works this way. It puts the focus on the action of the dogs getting a treat. You know perfectly well that it’s Santa delivering the treats – you don’t need any more visual info about the Santa. The lighting angle makes it seem like there is some magical, unseen source of illumination just out of the frame.

      This is really good composition. I love this photo. Can you tell? =)

  3. what a beautiful photo, I agree it would make a lovely christmas card,

  4. adorable…

  5. It looks like Santa’s there to reward them for not barking at him and waking the kids :-) Beautiful shelties!

  6. Nice to see your handsome boys on the feature page of SN! I am sure they were very good this year!

  7. What a classic shot! This should be a Christmas card for sure! Love it. Maverick and Ryder are sure to get lots of goodies in their stockings!

  8. They just knew Santa was coming! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  9. Wow, what a great shot.

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