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You’re my beeeeeest friend!

10 week old Rosie makes a new friend!

:) Tracey

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  1. Love love love! Almost too much cuteness. :)

  2. Well, she’s probably asking her new friend to play, share a nap or tug on a toy, and she’s waiting for the ok, but nothing’s happening…What a little sweet pea she is! You are so lucky!

  3. Look at her staring that other Sheltie down! Girls are so full of themselves…lol.

  4. Rosie is a cutie , tri shelties are so beautiful , when they are puppies and cuter when they grow up too.

  5. Adorable! I’d sure like another sheltie!

  6. Adorable! The problem with stuffed critters is that they don’t tend to fight back. Ah but so cute! Makes me want another one.

  7. awww!!! Rosie is precious ! Would love to find that in my Christmas stocking !!!

  8. Awww! she is so cute!


  10. What a sweetie! Pretty bedspread, too!

  11. Sooo CUTE!!! Beautiful.

  12. She’s such a Q-T pie!! :)

  13. Oh she’s so tiny…bless!

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