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Year of the Sheltie?

Truffle certainly thinks so!

Happy Chinese New Year, Helen & Kunal!

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  1. Gung Hey Fat Choy!

  2. I agree..Every year is the year of the little Shelties! I bet Truffle is drooling…Pass the wine, please!!!!!

  3. No wine for me thanks. Just fill my glass with gravy!

  4. as the others have said, every year is the year of the Sheltie ! Truffle looks so cute waiting for her goodies at the Chinese New Year feast. Bon Appetite sweetie !

  5. LOL!!!! And I second and third the above comments as well :)

  6. Such a pretty, polite girl!

  7. EVERY year is the year of the Sheltie, bless them all!

    What a beautiful, patient baby she is. I sure hope she got her own plate. Happy Chinese New Year.

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