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It’s Good to be Queen!

Here are a couple of pictures from Taylor’s 15 birthday party.

Not sure she was thrilled with the hat, but the yummy cake made up for it as you can tell!

Taylor is a wonderful dog to live with – she is the queen of the house!

15 never looked so good, Linda!

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  1. Oh My Word – isn’t Taylor a darling little girl? What a gift for you to be celebrating her 15th! Every year when our dear “Sheltie Angel’s” birthday comes around (nearly 4-years now) – my husband and I comment how we so wish our “Shugerr Baby” were still with us. Thank you for sharing Taylor’s B-Day pix – very heartwarming!

  2. Happy Birthday Taylor, what a beautiful sheltie you are. You are a very talented girl. Cong. on both.

  3. What a nice looking 15yr old pup. Many more Taylor!

  4. How thoughtful of you to celebrate such a milestone. I bet she enjoyed the BD cake.

  5. Taylor — Happy Birthday! Hope you have many more! You are a beautiful and talented young lady. You’re family is VERY lucky to have you!

  6. Happy Birthday Queen Taylor! Fifteen, my goodness – she looks GREAT! Obviously a well-loved and cared for Sheltie girl. And, a tracking champ! Way to go, Taylor.

  7. Happy Birthday Taylor! You look fabulous!!!

  8. How wonderful! Happy birthday Taylor! I celebrated each and every year of my “Toonie” sheltie in his 15 years. He died last May and it feels like yesterday. I have another sheltie, and building all new memories! I loved your memory maker post here today! Makes me truly appreciate all the lovely shelties and their loyal owners!!!!

  9. Yes Taylor is Queen of the house for sure…Looks great and definitely has earned being named the Queen at 15! LOL

  10. Happy Birthday beautiful Taylor.

  11. Best wishes to Taylor!

    At that age, every day together is an extra-special gift.

    After being together for so long, they become an intergral part of your heart and soul.

  12. WOW, Taylor. I am impressed. You are beautiful and a tracking champion!! i think you picked a wonderful home to live in. You have obviously had great care, training, and love. I hope I have a sheltie celebrate a 15th birthday.

  13. Happy Birthday, Taylor!! Enjoy your cake!

  14. Miss Taylor is one of only 2 living Tracking Champion Shelties in the U.S. There have only been a total of 4 CT shelties in all. (The other living CT sheltie also lives in the same house as Taylor!).

  15. Aw Taylor, my 13-year-old sheltie boy, Teddy, sends his best regards and happy birthday! Savor every day!

  16. Taylor looks fabulous for 15! A real queen in my book.

  17. How wonderful to see such a happy, loved, pretty 15-year old! Lucky you and lucky girl!

  18. Happy Birthday Taylor! She looks great at 15!

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    May we all be blessed that our shelties can live to such an age!
    Wonderful pictures and I know Taylor is one very special and appreciative sheltie. Thanks for sharing her birthday with all the sheltie lovers at Sheltie Nation!

  20. Oh my, you’re fifteen!
    Happy, happy birthday (and every day) to you, sweet Taylor!

  21. You must be taking real good care of her to live 15 years . Taylor is still beautiful , she must of been a real cutie when she was a pup.

  22. Happy Birthday Taylor, she is such a pretty girl!

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