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Pop-up Blocked…er, ‘Tocked!

Bella says: “Oh Charlie, grow up. We don’t want to see your fuzzy bum!”

Awe Joanne, we <3 Charlie’s fuzzy ‘tocks!

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  1. But it is so cute

  2. Lovely pups, and lovely tocks!

  3. Adorable! I just had to give my little Charlie a back/hip rub after seeing this picture. Our little pals are SO fluffy during the cold seasons!

  4. Furry tocks are very cozy finger warmers, as well. And you can check/manipulate that rear leg for soundness while you’re burrowed in there.

  5. My boy used to regularly present me with his rear, requesting standing hip massages, which always brought a big smile to his face.

  6. Thank you for providing my daily “sheltie fix.” These two are absolutely lovely. I can tell they are lots of fun!!

  7. So beautiful! Love it.

  8. Very beautiful and cute!

  9. Where else in the world are you going to see ‘tocks as cute and muscular as these and just look at those eyes . . . they are saying, “Oh, alright! Go ahead, I KNOW you want to cop a feel!” and Little Bella in the background, saying mine is just as cute but because you got it doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it!

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