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Shadow says: “Does this make me look dramatic?”

:) Lum

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  1. “Come in, I’ve been expecting you.”
    Beautiful picture.

  2. Thanks everyone, for your fun comments today! I read them all to Shadow and he’s happy you think he looked so cool and wise(guy)!

  3. Put up some ropes, and Shadow would make a nice art gallery exhibition: “Dramatic Sheltie In Chair”.

    As an added bonus, Shadow could periodically do some Barking Performance Art. :-)

  4. Beam me up Scotty.

  5. Yes. Yes, Shadow, it does. And may I add with a touch of mellow. Melodramatic?(Cue the back ground music- Ride of the Valkyrie or In the Air Tonight). And….ACTION!

  6. I wanna know , does he play the guitar or the banjo? You know Shelties can do everything.

  7. shadow is either doing his impersonation of the godfather-dog or is in the middle of being interrogated for crimes against cats ! oR maybe, he is like taxi driver………… ” HEY…… YOU LOOKIN’G AT ME ……………….. YOU LOOKING AT ME ? ” IN ANY CASE, A GREAT DRAMATIC SHOT !!!!

  8. Yes..I think also he is going to make us an offer that we won,t be able to
    refuse also!…………… Nice Photo

  9. Is Shadow also a Musician?

    • No, but his friend Spencer Bohren, bluesman extraordinaire from New Orleans, was preparing for a house concert here. Shadow was envious of the stage (especially the spotlight) and seized the opportunity!

  10. I think Shadow is deciding whether to “go to the mattresses”. Great photo and I too love the Godfather references.

  11. Shadow’s going to make an offer we can’t refuse.

  12. That’s a fabulous shot — and yes, Shadow, you look uber-cool!!!

  13. Just what I was thinking Lisa!

    “Set up a meeting with the heads of the other five families : The Collies, the Shepards, the Labradors, the Saint-Bernards and those little nippy Schnauzers”

    or …

    “The ASPCA is all over me about this cat thing”


  14. Its like the Godfather or Dog-father.

    • if he kisses my cheek am I done for? Or does that mean I’m ‘made’, I can never remember…

      Anyway, Shadow def. looks dramatic to me!

      • Fuhgetaboutit! I think when you get kissed on the cheek your next to get whacked. Whacked out over Shelties. They are the best ever!

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