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Tayla says: “Well it is a Sunday morning.”

 We all want to sleep in with her too, Sarah!

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  1. Now that’s one relaxed Sheltie!

  2. Absolutely and completely adorable!

  3. She smiles when she’s sleeping.

  4. my baby looks like that when he sleeps. Actually, he comes in my room in the morning and jumps under the cover, puts his nose next to mine and we stay like that for a few minutes before we start the day. Its pawsitively awesome way to start the day

  5. Cute way to catch some zzzzzzzzzz’s

  6. Oh, that is just asking for a tummy rub!

  7. Tayla is so beautiful! I love her little smile and her white chest and feet. She is so fluffy and cuddly looking. I know our sheltie males would adore her.

  8. Oh so sweet and cuddly. Makes me want to join her for a snooze.

  9. AWWWW! Adorable and she must be having very sweet dreams. Makes me want to snuggle up!!!!!

  10. Sweet dreams, you cutie patootie! I bet this little one’s dreaming up some trouble for later. :)

  11. Incredibly cute

  12. Sweet dreams Tayla!! What a lovely face you have :)

  13. Is she having a power snooze or what ! way too cute for sure

  14. Oohh this makes me want to bury my head in that beautiful fluffy white chest! Just so cute:)

  15. Must be a good puppy dream, look at just the hint on a smile.

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