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Happy First Day of Spring!

Riley reminds everyone to stop and smell the flowers!

Pretty crocuses, Joe & Tara!

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  1. I agree .this photo would make an awesome Easter card..He reminds me of Kelly She loves to go smell the
    Roses and Sweet William,s.

  2. His coat is so beautiful.

  3. Riley is such a handsome sheltie. I know he checks out everything for you! The flowers are beautiful and are just the reminder I need re enjoying them. Thanks for sharing Riley with us.

  4. Very nice picture, Riley is gorgeous!

  5. Great coat! Just like a Sheltie to have their nose in everything they see.

  6. This photo would make a nice greeting card for Easter.

  7. Thanks for the reminder, Riley. We need that here in Snow Country!

  8. Similar scenes at our house in Colorado this week. What could be better? (Shadow thinks some snow would improve the situation). Pretty crocuses and a beautiful pup! Lucky you!

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