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Hey, Watch Where You’re Shoveling

Tucker says: “You just shoveled snow on my nice fur coat!

And all over my face! Do it again!”

Tee hee, Julie!

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  1. Our Elvis (RIP) got so excited the first time he saw snow he ran back into the house and threw up! I thought I saw Tucker in the photo contest on the Modern Dog website, yes?

  2. Our male Sheltie, Boomer, also loves snow thrown in his face…the bigger the shovelful, the better!

  3. My boy was a beautiful tricolor too. He didn’t want anything to do with the snow. If I took him outside during a heavy snow, he would “fluff”. (Get that snow off of me Right Now!)

  4. Tucker is such a beautiful sheltie!! His furcoat and face are both gorgeous!

  5. Its the abominable show sheltie! What a gorgeous face….

  6. Very cute Tucker …I love watching them playing out in the snow…especially the first snowfalls !

  7. shelties wear their snow well, don’t they? very cute!!

  8. Both of my shelties love to play in the snow also.

  9. Beautiful Sheltie.

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